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Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple

The district of Tabanan boasts Bali's most famous temple, which is set on a rocky protrusion that becomes an island at high tide, offering spectacular sunset views in the dry season.
Tanah Lot, tanah means earth and lot means ocean, consists of a couple of shrines built on an outcropping of rock on the ocean. The temple symbolizes the balance between male and female; inner and outer world. One of Bali's cosmic temples"Sad Kahyangan" which was built the great saint of Bali Danghyang Nirartha, in 16th century. Its popular because its sunset view, just like postcard. Next to Tanah Lot temple is located the complex of Bali Nirwana Resort.

Tista village

A village renowned for its unique version of the Legong-Legong Leko, which is only danced around Tabanan. In this social dance, two tiny Leko dancers wearing Legong dress and headdresses are accompanied by the melodies of the Janger. It is ocated one km west of Kerambitan.

Ulun Danu Temple

(literary means the head of lake) temples, built just offshore over a hardened part of marsh. Its eleven-tiered pagoda roof offers mistical atmosphere when the mist is rising from the lake in the morning. The temple is devoted to the goddess of the lake, which irrigates the rice fields of Tabanan. It stands on the edge of Bedugul's Bratan Lake.



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